Terms & Conditions

Motorcycles can be dangerous if not properly maintained and ridden safely. Wolf INC MC has no control over the usage of any of it's parts. Wolf INC MC expects the dealer and dealer's customer to exercise good judgement as to the proper slelection, installation, use and maintanance of any parts. Wolf INC MC assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind, because of the misuse or improper application of any parts in any way by any person. Wolf INC MC expects the end user to exercise good judgement.

General Policy Wolf INC MC sells to both motorcycle businesses and to the general public.

Limited Warranty Wolf INC MC products have a one year limited warranty from Voyager MTC, date of invoice against all material or workmanship defects. If, due to such a defect, you return the product to us within the warranty period, we will replace it or, at our option, repair it at no charge to you, but for the cost of labor for which Wolf INC MC is not responsible.

This Warranty does not cover equipment used on the street or highway for racing purposes only. In addition, due to the unusual stresses placed on all parts used on the race track, Wolf INC MC may, in its sole discretion, deny warranty claims on any parts used for racing purposes.

Warranty Service Contact Wolf INC MC at 703-577-9257

We are not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Implied warranties, including those of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, are limited in duration to the one (1) year term of this express warranty. there are no express or implied warranties beyond those set forth in this document. Wolf INC MC reserves the right to investigate all warranty claims.
Exchanges/Missing Items Incorrect, damaged, or missing item must be reported within 72 hours of the time the product are received. You mount it you bought it. All other components will be limited to 90 days from the invoice date. Once a package is scanned as delivered, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you would prefer a signature confirmation, please request one at time of order placement. No refunds will be issued by Wolf INC MC for packages scanned as delivered to the correct address


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